Manufacturer, distributor of custom postcards and souvenirs for California and other areas. In stock products are San Diego postcards and souvenirs including calendars, Orange county postcards, Los Angeles postcards and souvenirs, Hollywood postcards and souvenirs, San Francisco postcards. We stock postcards and souvenirs for surrounding areas of the above cities and areas.

Our in stock souvenirs for the above areas are holographic foil pens and pencils, souvenir magnets and photo magnets, notebooks, journals and address books, memo pads and keychains.

We supply thousands of different types of locations including gift shops, souvenir stores, attractions, airport gift shops, book stores, convenience stores, drug store chains and many others with their postcards and souvenirs.

California Scene has over 20 years experience in designing and creating fast selling souvenirs and promotional items.

California Scene



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